DTI’s Ballet Program is available by audition for beginners from age 6 to professional levels.  An advanced program is offered for professional career minded students from ages 10-18. Partial curriculum options are available for university bound students. Please email Info@DTIdance.com for information. 

  • Class attire is purchased at DTI upon acceptance. Ladies hair should be up neatly in a ballet bun.

Parent and Ballet Student’s Helpful Guide to Going “On Pointe”

Many young ballerinas dream of dancing en pointe. In most cases, a young beginning pointe dancer age 11 to 13 must have several years of good dance and strength training to ensure that her feet, ankles and legs are strong enough to handle dancing on her toes.

Pointe training is a ballet dancer’s rite of passage to advanced levels. The decision is one that can only be made on the basis of skill and knowledge and should not be subject to student or parent pressure. Teachers must protect their students from the risk of permanently damaging the bone and muscle structure of their bodies and feet. Such risks far outweigh the temporary disappointment a student may experience when told she is not ready or physically designed for pointe work. It is entirely possible that some students may never “be ready” to go on pointe.

It is also important to know that dancing on pointe is not the main key to studying ballet. If a student has been incorrectly placed on pointe at another school, she may be taken off pointe until she is safely ready. “Taking pointe” is not undertaking the study of a new technique. The principles of classical ballet movement are the principles of pointe work as well. Once a student has excellent placement, she can approach pointe work as a series of adjustments in weight distribution, areas of stress, and timing, not a new form of dance.

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